Monday, June 22, 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Maybe not

I had to post a letter to France today and because we weren't sure of the charge we went to the nearby post office. I parked outside on the 'double yellows' (yes I know, I'd complain too) and waited while Jan popped in. After a couple of minutes she came outside laughing her head off. This was the explanation.
The cost of the stamp was £1 and the cheery postmistress said that she'd just received some new pretty stamps in. As she got them out Jan, who didn't have her readers on, said, 'that's a nice country scene, what's it about?
The postmistress had a close look and said, it's a Waterloo commemoration stamp.
Jan said, as the letter is going to a bank in France I don't really want anything to go wrong, at which point they both fell about laughing.
Touchy folks the French.

Monday, June 8, 2015


It's practically our last day gallivanting about and having ticked off the majority of things on our to-do list then we have to pop over to Montpellier for the best ever steak and chips at Entrecote. We were lead to believe that there is an Entrecote in Manchester but it developed a bad reputation when a vegetarian turned up and left feeling very hungry. That might be a joke, I'm  not  sure (OK I am) but it has ceased to exist. There maybe one in London so I'll check it out when we're next there.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Some things never change

If it's Saturday it must be Sommieres  and a little trip to the market. And boy was it busy. We got there at 11.30 and the car park was already full. Its crazy busy. Any way, chance to get oysters for mum and tellines for us. Personally I don't like oysters but tellines  (especially the way that Jan prepares them) are to die for. Oh, and to meet up with old friends. Did I mention that?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Common sense

So my mother came to me shamefaced this morning and admitted that she had come to France without sufficient Allopurinol. A medicine that she takes for gout which can be very painful if not treated.
If we were in England away from home it would be a big problem because you can't get anything out of a pharmacy without a script, believe me I've tried.
So muggings here set off for the local pharmacy armed with an empty medicine  box and an English script and in my best Franglais tried to explain the situation to the nice young man behind the counter.
I only need 8 pills I said. That won't be possible he said, my heart sank, you'll have to buy a full box. Result.

Entrepreneurs alive and well in France

When we moved back to England a few years back we noticed a big change in local talent offering its wares to the public. Well am pleased to report that we have noticed the same in France.
The first thing we noticed was an explosion of bread shops. One might argue that with the price of bread under state control it wouldn't be that attractive. What do I know?
The second explosion is the number of prostitutes plying their services by the roadside. We never saw any (except in northern Spain) in the nine years we lived in this area  but they now seem to be everywhere. If you see a chair with a suntanned lady sitting by the side of the road next to a pull in or an empty chair with a hi-vis jacket draped over the back (think safety first) then you could be in business, as it were.
You could call it an explosion of bread shops and bonking. Excellent.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No change there then

I have always had a dislike of InterMarche. I have always found their cashiers rude and unhelpful. Where do they find them? So I'm in one (it's the nearest supermarket) and I tried to make conversation with the cashier. I might as well have been talking to the wall. The UK beats France hands down when it comes to customer service.