Friday, June 5, 2015

Entrepreneurs alive and well in France

When we moved back to England a few years back we noticed a big change in local talent offering its wares to the public. Well am pleased to report that we have noticed the same in France.
The first thing we noticed was an explosion of bread shops. One might argue that with the price of bread under state control it wouldn't be that attractive. What do I know?
The second explosion is the number of prostitutes plying their services by the roadside. We never saw any (except in northern Spain) in the nine years we lived in this area  but they now seem to be everywhere. If you see a chair with a suntanned lady sitting by the side of the road next to a pull in or an empty chair with a hi-vis jacket draped over the back (think safety first) then you could be in business, as it were.
You could call it an explosion of bread shops and bonking. Excellent.


  1. What sort of locale are you holidaying in boys and girls?! That's an interesting change. I wonder if the state of the economy has anything to do with it? It does seem rather a drastic step though if one loses a job. I do recall the "issue" in Spain. We got a bit lost driving into the centre of Barcelona and ended up in an industrial estate near the airport with the roads lined by working girls calling loudly towards us as we attempted a three point turn. It was all a bit surreal with Boris hanging out the window and Clive saying over the din... I think they've picked the wrong car here!

  2. We're in a village about 20 mins north of where we lived before. I wondered about the economics of it but couldn't really figure it out. A lot of the girls were 'foreign' looking so it might be an influx of economic migrants. I suggested to Jan that I should stop and chat to them but she wouldn't have it.

  3. Never noticed any increase in either where we are...

    1. There is just a hint of wistfulness in your post Colin!
      BTW I'm just learning to do all this on my phone so please excuse any mistakes.


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