Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No change there then

I have always had a dislike of InterMarche. I have always found their cashiers rude and unhelpful. Where do they find them? So I'm in one (it's the nearest supermarket) and I tried to make conversation with the cashier. I might as well have been talking to the wall. The UK beats France hands down when it comes to customer service.


  1. Our local Simply supermarket takes some beating. The staff there are barely civil and the other day when I got home and checked my bill I'd been charged twice for one item. A case of two for the price of three. If my language skills had been better I would have gone back and complained.
    Shame, because otherwise it's a good shop.

  2. Intermarche was always my least favourite French supermarket, not far behind Leader Price. Auchan was good and LeClerc not bad. You're spoiled of course having Booth's which makes Waitrose seem like Intermarche. I suppose you were stocking up on rose for sipping by the pool. Hope you're enjoying the break!


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